Technology at Ashlawn

Instructional Technology Resources

     At Ashlawn, technology resources provide access to a variety of computer and peripheral tools. Ashlawn teachers participated in the Library of Congress Program and earned LCD Projectors for the school. Combined with their efforts and the school technology budget, every classroom currently has an LCD Projector and SmartBoard. Many of the specialists are also equipped with Smartboards and computers available to work with small groups. Additional technology tools are available to students and teachers including digital cameras in each classroom, digital video cameras, and networked black and color printers. Starting in school year 2014-15, Ashlawn 2nd grade students participated in the digital learning initiative project which provides an iPad for each student. As students progress to 3rd and 4th grade they will have their iPads with them and incoming 2nd grade students will get their own device by mid September. The 4th and 5th grade teams have received their teacher devices and plans are being made to make the best use of the 1:1 devices. By school year 2017-18 all students 2-5 will each have a device devoted to their use for interaction with content being taught by their teachers. More information can be found at APS Digital Learning

     If you have any questions about the technology program at Ashlawn please contact Larry Fallon,
Instructional Technology Coordinator for Ashlawn.

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