Online Research Tips and Tools

Using Images
Want to include pictures in your school project?  Instead of using Google Images (which will include many copyright protected images and can be difficult to cite), try one of these search engines:

Pics 4 Learning

  • Images are copyright friendly
  • Citation is listed on each images page – just cut and paste

Wikimedia Commons

  • Images are copyright friendly

Flickr Advance Search

  • Choose search Creative Commons images only to find images that are copyright friendly

REMEMBER: Whether you use one of these sites or Google Images, you MUST cite your source!

MLA Format:
Last Name, First Name. Title of Work. Date of Work. Image Source. Database/Web Site. Date Accessed. URL.

Jones, Bob. frogs-3.jpg. summer 2004. Pics4Learning. 29 Jan 2013 <>.

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