4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade

The Ashlawn Fourth Grade team would like to welcome you to Ashlawn Elementary School.  The teachers on the Fourth Grade team include Ms. Avila, Ms Everdale, Mr. Price and Ms. White.  We encourage visitors to use the links on the left side of the page to learn more about our classrooms and curriculum.

Katie Avlia katie.avila@apsva.us
Jennifer Everdale jennifer.everdale@apsva.us visit my site here
Joseph Price joseph.price@apsva.us
Maria White maria.white@apsva.us
Meggie Scogna meggie.scogna@apsva.us

If you have a student at Ashlawn, you can see more about what is happening in our classrooms on the password protected space on Blackboard.  To log-in to Blackboard click on the Bb logo top right corner of this page.