Our Vision and Mission

Ashlawn Mission Statement

The mission of Ashlawn Elementary School is to engage our students with responsive, inclusive and stimulating instruction that will nurture a lifelong love of learning and create global citizens.

Ashlawn Vision Statement

Ashlawn will be an inclusive community of students, staff and families who value diverse identities, embrace all cultures and nurture the whole child. The four tenets of global citizenship are to accept all people, help those in need, protect the environment, and work for peace. These tenets will be woven into our instruction and experiences, in and out of the classroom. We will empower students to be actively involved in their learning to provide a foundation to be creative and resilient problem solvers.

Our Community

Ashlawn Elementary is a neighborhood school that is proud of its community spirit.  The Washington Post once said, “Ashlawn is a little school that does!” While we’ve grown in numbers, our goal remains the same – to ensure that our students have access to the best opportunities to learn. The diverse student population reflects the changing demographic in Arlington, with families from many countries and cultures. We fully embrace our Global Citizenship Project (GCP) and its four tenets: To accept all people, help those in need, protect the environment, and work for peace. Alongside these tenets, Ashlawn prides itself in its partnerships with the greater Arlington community (e.g., Reevesland, AFAC, PATHForward (A-SPAN), Sunrise Senior Living) with school-wide projects several times a year.

Ashlawn is a Pre-K – 5 community that supports student learning through a variety of services and differentiated instruction.

The support from Ashlawn families and PTA is exceptional. They complement the staff by providing academic grade level and school-wide activities, active volunteers, establishing after-school enrichment programs and offering bi-yearly teacher grants.