Identification Process

Each year, the total population of our school is screened by school staff to create a pool of eligible highly able candidates based on students’ participation and performance in various academic and arts activities. Screening is formal: We review all test scores following standardized testing and scholastic academic performance. Screening is also informal: We note students’ competitions, awards, honors, and participation in school events.

Referrals for Advanced Academic Services

Students may be referred for services by their classroom teacher, school personnel, parents/guardians, community leaders, and self or other students until April 1 of the current school year. A referral form must be filled out and returned to the Advanced Academics Coach. These forms will be updated this fall to reflect the new title of our department. If you need the current referral form, it is currently available on paper (please scan and email to the AAC or return to the school) or as a Google Form. The Referral Form is also available in Spanish, Bengali, Amharic, Mongolian, and Arabic. Referrals may be submitted before April 1 annually. A referral form may be completed by the following sources:

  • classroom teacher or other staff member
  • parent/guardian
  • community member
  • student

Please note: any student who is in the automatic screening pool due to ability test scores, like the NNAT or CogAT, does not need a referral form. Students may be referred once during the academic school year. Typically this happens in the winter/spring unless a student is new to APS. During this once a year referral process, a holistic case study approach is used to examine data from multiple areas of strength to determine eligibility in the following areas –

Areas of Advanced Academics Identification

  • Specific Academic Aptitude (Grades K-12):
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • Visual or Performing Arts (Grades 3-12):
    • Visual Arts
    • Music

Eligibility Criteria

  • Advanced Academic Services in Specific Academic Areas
  • Standardized Testing Information
  • Teacher Checklist on Observations of Academic Behaviors
  • Grades/Academic Performance
  • Student Products
  • Parent Information

Definition of a Gifted Student from the Virginia Plan:

  • “These students possess talents and abilities that differ from those of their peers to such a degree that differentiated educational programs should be provided to nurture their growth and development.”
  • “The identification of these students is based on the premise that they need and can benefit from specifically planned educational services different from those provided by the general educational experience.”

An Appeals Process is available to families following the eligibility process. Appeal begins at the school level with the principal. Second level of appeals is a county-wide Advanced Academics Administrative Appeals Committee.