Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education

The Ashlawn P.E. team would like to welcome you to Ashlawn Elementary School where we strive to educate our students through games, activities, and healthy rules so they can build a knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle.


1. Only one hit is allowed. A player may hit the ball again if the ball touches someone else or the wall. If a player stops the ball and then hits it again then that player is out- that is two hits in a row.

2. If the ball touches a player below the waist the player is out. If the player is squatting or on the ground and the ball touches the player then the player is out because the player is below waist level. Also, if a player hits the ball off of the court and is the last person to touch the ball then that player is out.

3. When a player is out the player must sit on the edge of the court and not disturb the ball.

4. Only adult supervisors present may say “jail break” (all “out” players return to the game). If there are no adults then the game may be played until only one person is left in the game.