Global Citizenship Project

Global citizens are individuals capable of succeeding in the world through an understanding of global issues and a commitment to local concerns. Ashlawn Elementary School strives to educate and nurture Global Citizens by providing our students with experiences and opportunities to explore cultures around the world; protect our environment; prevent inequities in terms of economics, gender, and race; and promote peace and tolerance.

Color no eagleThe Global Citizen Project began at Ashlawn in 2008. The current school climate and traditions foster an appreciation of culture, nature, humanity, and community. Through this project, our Global Citizens will be provided with opportunities to learn about some of the critical issues and questions facing the world today and how to take a role in affecting change.

The four tenets of a Global Citizen are:

  • Accepts all people:  Develop and foster respect and care for cultures around the world and within our school community.
  • Protects the Environment: Develop and foster respect and care for the Earth.
  • Helps those in need: Develop and foster respect and care for human and economic development that is equitable and sustainable.
  • Works for Peace: Develop and foster leadership skills to promote democracy, nonviolence and peace.

 Every month, we have a GCP themed book that each classroom teacher reads to their class.  The books are all related to GCP themes and teach students how they can contribute to a better world.  Classroom lessons, library lessons, Art, Music, and PE and lessons will all have some GCP big ideas woven in throughout the year.  The artwork and murals displayed throughout our building represent our Global Citizen Tenets.