The Ashlawn Counselors 

Cindy Skinner – – Room 262
Mark Jones- – Room 262

Who are the Counselors?
The counselors at Ashlawn are Cindy Skinner and Mark Jones.  Ms. Skinner completed both her under-graduate degree in Finance and her Masters degree in School Counseling through Marymount University.  She is at Ashlawn full-time and works with grades PreK-5.  Mr. Jones completed his under-graduate degree in Psychology at Connecticut College, his law degree at the University of Kentucky, and his Masters degree in School Counseling at George Washington University.  He is at Ashlawn on Thursdays and works primarily with 4th grade.

What does a Counselor do?

  • Classroom Lessons
    Classroom lessons are taught in grades K – 5 every other week.  The Second Step program will be the primary curriculum.  It focuses on Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management and Problem Solving.
  • Small Group Enrichment
    Will be offered for children, grades 1 through 5, who are experiencing specific stresses that may hinder their academic or social growth.  Groups will be held during lunch/recess, and will meet 5 or 6 times.  Permission slips will be sent home for students prior to each group.  No student will be allowed to participate in a group without a signed permission slip.
  • Individual Counseling
    This is offered short term, as needed, for students experiencing any issue of concern or special obstacles that keep them from being their best. Consultation with parents and/or teachers is offered to discuss problems that may be interfering with the students’ academic or social achievement.  Parents may email or call the counselor to arrange an appointment to discuss any concerns they have. In Ashlines is an article from the Counselor with hints, suggestions or other items that may be of interest to you.

How to help the Counselors?
Let us know what we can do to support you.  Personal information is kept confidential. Give us feedback.  Let us know if we are or are not meeting your needs. Remember that sometimes it takes children a while to figure out what is bothering them and even longer to solve the problem.  Progress can be slow. All children are important, all needs are important, and we help all Ashlawn students! Call with any questions at 703-228-8282 or email or