National Digital Learning Day @Ashlawn

March 13, 2015

This year Digital Learning Day falls on the same day as Math Day at Ashlawn. There will be many activities around math in every classroom, and as Pi day is on a Saturday this year awareness of this once in a century Pi day will be a part of that. Pay special attention at a special moment on the 14th as 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 are the first 10 digits of Pi. 3.141592653.At Ashlawn for DLDay15 we will be making the point that everyday is a day that integrates digital tools into every content area. Some of the activities that would be happening regardless of a national digital learning day are;

  • 4th grade Williamsburg career research using a mash-up of BlackBoard and APS Google resources.
  • Art instruction using iPads to find examples of animals, flowers, or forms and shapes to then be drawn and colored on paper.
  • Music teachers using SmartBoard tools to enhance various music instruction.
  • 2nd grade using personal iPads to complete Word study and Math assignments.
  • Code group members will have an ongoing display by our bulletin board in the hallway outside of the library showcasing student developed programs.

For more information from the Alliance for Excellent Education on Digital Learning Day nationally please see their web site here.

Please check here often as photos will be posted of students engaged in regular use of digital tools and resources throughout the school year.