Summer Reading Frenzy!

How many places can your students find to read this summer?

Join in the Ashlawn twitter frenzy @AshlawnEagles #AshlawnEaglesRead!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. on your bed
  2. next to a dresser
  3. in a soft chair
  4. in a hard chair
  5. in a rocking chair
  6. in a hammock
  7. under a table
  8. on a swing
  9. on a lawn chair
  10. under a tree
  11. in a playhouse
  12. next to your toys
  13. by the pool
  14. on a deck
  15. in car
  16. in a plane
  17. in a hotel
  18. at a playground
  19. to mom
  20. to dad
  21. to grandpa
  22. to grandma
  23. to a pet
  24. to friend
  25. to a babysitter

Get creative! We want to see all the different places you can read.