Virginia Studies

Study Resources:

  1. Regions, Border States and Water Resources
  2. American Indians on Quizlet
  3. Jamestown on Quizlet
  4. Colonial Virginia on Quizlet
  5. American Revolution on Quizlet
  6. New Nation and Founding Fathers on Quizlet
  7. Westward Expansion on Quizlet
  8. Civil War on Quizlet
  9. Reconstruction on Quizlet
  10. 20th Century/Products & Industries on Quizlet
  11. Famous Virginians of the 20th & 21st Century on Quizlet


Civil War:

See your Virginia Studies Google Classroom!

New Nation and Founding Fathers:

  1. George Mason song: “George Mason, Virginia Declaration of Rights George Mason, Virginia Declaration of Rights Freedom of religion, freedom of the press Freedom of religion, freedom of the press”
  2. Thomas Jefferson song: “Thomas (clap,clap) Jefferson (clap,clap) , wrote the (clap,clap) Declaration (clap,clap) of Independence (clap,clap) and the (clap,clap) Virginia (clap,clap) Statue (clap,clap) for (clap,clap) Religious (clap,clap) Freedom (clap,clap) “
  3. James Madison – Father of the Constitution – read about his life
  4. James Madison’s song to the beat of the JMU Fight Song: Madison, James Madison, Father of the Constitution Madison, James Madison, Father of the Constitution, Negotiated at the convention, Helped write the Constitution, Madison, James Madison, Father of the Constitution
  5. Time Hop: Battle of Yorktown (hop) Colonist Victory (hop) United States of America (hop) Articles of Confederation (hop) didn’t work! (hop) Constitutional Convention (hop) Constitution Written (hop) by James Madison (hop, hop)

Revolutionary War

  1. Link to signers of the Declaration of Independence
  2. Primary Source – the Declaration of Independence
  3. Our class song to remember the Declaration of Independence:

Thomas Jefferson, Wrote the, Declaration, of Independence. No taxes, no King, No Parliament. We make the rules! Virginia House of Burgesses! Equality for all. We should have the right to life, liberty and happiness.

Colonial Virginia

  1. Weblinks for Everyday Life in Colonial Virginia
    1. Homes –
      1. Homes in Colonial Williamsburg
    2. Clothing
      1. Dressing a Colonists from Colonial Williamsburg
    3. Food
      1. Cooking Videos from Colonial Williamsburg
      2. Recipes from Colonial Williamsburg

Jamestown Settlement

  1. Can you Survive Jamestown Game (scroll down and click on “Start the Adventure”)
  2. Timeline story of the arrival of Africans from Angola and Women from England: The year was 1619. The place Angola, Africa. The event was a capture of people. Next a ship on the Atlantic Ocean. Ending in Jamestown. To expand the tobacco economy. The Africans from Angola worked Hard! The year was 1620. The place was England, Europe. The event was the brideship. Next a ship on the Atlantic Ocean. Ending in Jamestown. To start families and live there forever
  3. Link to the Timeline of Jamestown and its founding.
  4. Virginia Company of London and the Charter from King James in 1606
  5. Lyrics to the Song our class wrote last year to remember important information:

Once upon a time there was a King. King who?  King James   King of where? England    He was greedy and wanted more. He wanted riches like silver and gold. What shines? Silver and gold King James wanted more for the English Wanted more what? Trade routes and power.  Wanted more what? Land and raw materials.   So King James wrote a charter. The charter gave power to who? Virginia Company of London The charter gave the Virginia Company a few rights. What was right 1? Settle in North America What was right 2? Rights of British citizens   Three ships sailed across the Atlantic (Godspeed, Susan Constance, Discovery) Sailed from where? England Sailed to where? Jamestown   Settled When? 1607 There were four reasons for picking Jamestown’s site. One: To protect from the Spanish they build where? Peninsula Two: near fresh water. Was it fresh? No Three: to go inland. Where? inland Four: Deep water.  On which river? James River   What hardships did the settlers face? Mosquitoes carried what? Malaria What else was there? Starvation Some people lacked what? Survival skills The brackish water caused what?  Sickness Did the Spanish attack? No Who attacked? The Powhatans   Three changes that allowed survival: One: supply ships what? Arrived With what? Foods and people. People with what? survival skills Captain John Smith said what? “No Work! No Food!” Captain John Smith was friends with who? The Powhatans People started what? Farming. What? Agriculture   Africans were forced to Virginia: from where?  Angola  When? 1619 More women come to Jamestown from where? England When? 1620   The first elected representative legislative body was what? The General Assembly When? 1619

American Indians:

  1. Link to information about the language groups and currently state recognized tribes
  2. Link to Virginia’s First People sight for current Virginia Tribes
  3. Link to information about the Language Groups
  4. Game for using natural resources to make a Canoe on the Virginia Trekker’s Site

Song: Thousands of years ago

American Indians

Lived in North America

In 1492

Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue

He thought he was in the Indies

But he landed in North America

In 1607

The Powhatans

Lived in Werewocomoco

Virginia Geography:

1) Let’s practice Virginia Rivers:

Please – Potomac

Remember – Rappahannock

Your – York

Jacket  – James

Practice Here with Virginia Trekkers

2) Border States

Mud – Maryland

With – West Virginia

Ketchup – Kentucky

Tastes – Tennessee

Nasty – North Carolina

Practice here with Virginia Trekkers

3) Regions of Virginia

Song with Movements for Regions of Virginia

Coastal Plain, Tidewater; Flat low land; Many peninsulas; Eastern Shore peninsula

Fall Line; Rapid water

Piedmont, rolling hills; At the foot of the mountain

Blue Ridge Mountains, source of rivers; Blue Ridge Mountains, old rounded mountains

Valley and Ridge

Appalachian Plateau; elevated raised land

Practice here with Virginia Trekkers